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EB Farm

Location: East Borneo‭, Indonesia

Client: Bpk. Joni Muslim

Completion: 2022

Scope: Landscape Master Planning

Area: 21.75 Ha

‬Located in East Borneo‭, Indonesia. EB Agrotourism Hub is a new integrated resort destination which embraces the beauty of the agricultural farm‭, ‬edutourism‭, ‬hospitality‭, ‬and family outdoor activities surrounded by the natural landscape of Bontang‭. ‬The development includes Hotel and Villas‭, ‬Religiotourism‭, ‬Farm‭, ‬and Adventure Park that will attract local and national guest to visit‭. ‬

At the heart of the development are iconic dates and durian farms intertwined with religiotourism to accommodate the Islamic community of Bontang‭. ‬Attractions include a visitor center, market to display farm products‭, ‬korma orchards‭, ‬mecca replica for menasik‭, ‬durian‭ & ‬banana farm‭, ‬horse riding‭, ‬archery‭, ‬camping‭, ‬adventure playground‭, ‬bike trails‭, ‬vegetables garden‭, ‬open dining restaurant‭, ‬swimming pool‭, ‬hotel‭ & ‬villas‭, ‬and compost edutourism‭.‬

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