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MKT Lane

Location: Cikarang, West Java, Indonesia

Collaboration: SFA

Completion: 2022

Scope: Landscape Design

"Re-Intimate the Mega Structure"

New Meeting Place

When people step out of their homes, they are often looking to spend quality time with their family and friends. Instead of luxury retail showrooms, they’d rather prefer casual and intimate spaces where they can hang out with their loved ones. The new Landscape design for MKT Lane is the tool to create such cozy spaces as a New Meeting Place in the area. This will include eye-catching enhancements to attract more foot traffic. A combination of art, architecture, and nature that transforms the look of public spaces.


The new face of MKT Lane with an eye-catching enhancement by combining various elements such as tree shades, flowerbeds, plants, water fixtures, furniture, sculptures, etc to create visually attractive outdoor spaces. These new landscape features will encourage visitors to click selfies and upload them on their social media profiles and re-amplified the brand.

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