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FA Residence

Location: Central Java, Indonesia

Area: 8000 sqm

Nestled within the tranquil embrace of Central Java's emerald paddy fields, this 8000m2 residential property evokes a harmonious blend of vast, open vistas and intimate family sanctuaries. The design, while contemporary in essence, pays homage to the timeless beauty of the region's agrarian heritage.

Entrance Journey:
As one steps into the property, they are greeted by a gentle driveway, interspersed with open lawn and native plants. This driveway not only guides the visitor's but also their gaze, leading them on a visual journey to the house entry and parking area.

Boundless Horizons:
One of the mainstays of this design is the effort to frame and amplify the beauty of the surrounding paddy fields. Low-rise boundaries, constructed from a delicate fusion of indigenous hedges and transparent materials, promise an unbroken communion with nature. Slightly higher pool platforms descend towards the fields, allowing residents to enjoy layered panoramic views and fostering a sense of being one with the fields themselves.

The Heart of the Home - The Family Pavilion:
Central to the property is a Javanese-inspired "pendopo". This traditional pavilion, built with locally sourced timber, stands as a serene sanctuary for familial gatherings. Enhanced by soft, ambient lighting for the evenings and surrounded by water features that whisper the tales of Java's many rivers, this space promises countless moments of togetherness, laughter, and memories.

Nature's Intimate Corners:
While the landscape largely celebrates openness, it also understands the human need for intimacy. Scattered across the property are smaller alcoves and pockets of green, each carved with meticulous care. These spots, marked by clusters of shade-loving plants, stone benches, offer private retreats for quiet contemplation or a cozy chat.

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