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GP Office

Location: East Borneo, Indonesia

Area: 15000 sqm

Completion: 2023

Scope: Landscape Design

Inspired by the Bontang Nature and the Industrial theme, GP Office is not merely an office, it is a testament to the harmonious integration of workspace and landscape, of brick and leaf, of work and rejuvenation. It blurs the boundary between built and natural environments, making it difficult to discern where the building ends and the garden begins. Making meetings feel more like collaborative gatherings in park gazebos. Employees are encouraged to take breaks in these courtyards, with strategically placed seating areas fostering both relaxation and spontaneous brainstorming sessions.


Create connection and smooth transitions between an outdoor areas, ensuring that all areas are accessible. This can be achieved through the cascaded pathway access and terraced seating to blur the boundaries, open courtyards, and transitional spaces like terraced landscape.


Design green spaces that can serve multiple functions – from relaxation corners and informal meeting spots to breakout areas and collaborative workspaces. Design spaces that can easily adapt to various needs, from hosting large meetings to offering solitary retreats, multi purposes open lawn, ensuring that the landscape evolves with changing office dynamics.


Design pathways, stairs, and layouts that naturally encourage employees to move, walk, and engage with different parts of the office landscape. With boundaryless landscape, it will attract the employee to move around to enjoy the landscape, look around, rest, outside brainstorming, connect with the nature, and to rejuvenate.



Softening the edges of an office landscape to create a smooth transition between built structures and the natural environment, thus fostering a sense of fluidity and integration. The goal is to make spaces feel more organic, welcoming, and less confined. Introduce soft-sounding water elements like bubbling fountains and ponds. Mix different textures in plantings. Combining feathery plants with those having broader leaves can create visual interest and make the edges feel more dynamic


Retaining some of the collection trees, we still accentuate the importance of continuity, of respecting and valuing the symbiotic relationship between nature and progress. They remind us daily that while we innovate and evolve, there’s wisdom in looking back, in cherishing our journey, and in recognizing the timeless beauty and lessons that nature offers. In this dance between the old and the new, this office landscape emerges richer and more soulful.

© 2020 by CONIFER: Landscape Architecture & Master Planning Studio

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