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PA Complex

Location: East Jakarta, Indonesia

Area: 12000 sqm

Completion: 2024

Scope: Landscape Design

The current state of the plan faces several challenges, including connectivity gaps between residential areas and commercial plazas, confusing traffic and parking arrangements, a lack of green parks, a lack of attractions, and obstructed views due to the placement of some commercial building units that face back to the view from the driveway. To address these issues and transform the complex into a dynamic and sustainable community center, the design brings together a series of intervention strategies that focus on Traffic Flow and Parking Management, Pedestrian Connectivity, Green Space and Landscaping, Plaza Design and Activation, Preservation and Enhancement Landscapes, and Scandinavian Inspired Design. By implementing the proposed site strategy, the residential complex and commercial plaza will create a unifying and inviting environment that enhances the lives of residents and visitors.

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