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Tugu Kujang Siteplan2_edited.jpg

New Tugu Kujang

Location: Tugu Kujang, Bogor City, Indonesia

Client: Pemerintah Kota Bogor

Collaboration: NUA

Completion: 2022

Scope: Landscape Design

Area: 8500 sqm


Kujang Monument or called as Tugu Kujang is an important monument for the Bogor city which acts as a landmark roundabout and the main face enters downtown Bogor. Existing condition surrounded by primary collector road (40km/hour) which connects the terminal Baranangsiang, Bogor Botanical Gardens, and commercial areas around the Bogor city area. These result in high volume driving which is not pedestrian friendly. The aim of this project is to improve the function and the convenience of the cleaver monument roundabout that focuses from the aspect of social use, monumental/celebratory and friendly traffic (speed reduction). These functions are to achieve a landmark design and a streets that puts people first.


(1) Improve vehicle circulation by regulating the number of lanes consistent with building a landscape island, to reduce the current bottleneck problem.

(2) Defining the circular shapes that make turning easier radius for buses and other vehicles from the direction of the Baranangsiang Rd.

(3) Designing plazas at shared intersections and red lights by using friendly materials for pedestrians and to reduce driving speed.

(4) Connecting bicycle and pedestrian circulation between Botany Square and Bogor Botanical Gardens (KRB) through intermediaries roundabout.

(5) Optimizing the function of the Kujang Monument roundabout landscape and its surroundings as social and celebration plazas for Bogor community.

(6) Increase the greenery around the roundabout.


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